Regional Mufti’s Office – Dobrich held a working meeting with the imams from Dobrich region on June 22, 2020. It was organized by Grand Mufti’s Office of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria and was in connection with the carrying out of the upcoming summer Qur’an courses on the territory of the mufti’s office in Dobrich. Official guests of the meeting were the Deputy Grand Mufti Ahmed Hasanov and the teacher from the Religious School “Nyuvvab” in the city of Shumen Dr. Osman Ibrahimov.

Under the chairmanship of the Regional Mufti Bilyal Dardzhan there were also discussed the necessity of enhanced preparation for the upcoming summer Qur’an courses, the available resources of teachers, the places for carrying out the courses, as well as the planned program, and also the need of teaching materials. The imams also discussed the strict observance of the hygienic and epidemiological requirements, set by Grand Mufti’s Office, for safe carrying out of the summer Qur’an courses. The imams were also informed about the requirement that the groups shall not exceed 20 people at one place.

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