Grand Mufti’s Office held a meeting with the coordinators of the summer Qur’an courses at the regional mufti’s offices from the territory of Southern Bulgaria on June 16 (Tuesday), 2020. A host of the working meeting was Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv. A total of 15 coordinators, representing the regional mufti’s offices of Sofia, Montana, Smolyan, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Haskovo, Kardzhali and Plovdiv took part in it. There also participated the representatives of “Irshad” Department from Grand Mufti’s Office in Sofia Halil Hodzhov and Bahri Izet.

The program of the meeting, which took place in the premises of the mufti’s office in Plovdiv, included two working sessions. The first session was opened with a welcoming address to all participants in the working meeting on behalf of the host Taner Veli – Regional Mufti of Plovdiv. The Head of “Irshad” Department Halil Hodzhov addressed the coordinators by focusing on the importance of the summer Qur’an courses for the religious education of the children and the adolescents from the Muslim community in the country. The expert from “Irshad” Department Bahri Izet informed the participants in the working meeting about the way of carrying out the upcoming summer Qur’an courses during the present year 2020.

During the second session of the meeting the floor was given to the coordinators of the summer Qur’an courses from the different regional mufti’s offices from Southern Bulgaria. They had the opportunity to share their vision and ideas for the successful and fruitful carrying out of the Qur’an courses this year.

The meeting ended with a summary of the agenda of the working meeting from the Regional Mufti of Plovdiv Taner Veli, the head of “Irshad” Department Halil Hodzhov, and the expert from “Irshad’ Department Bahri IZet.

After the end of the working meeting all participants were invited to a joint lunch, organized by the hosts from Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv.

Every year during the summer school holiday Grand Mufti’s Office of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria organizes summer Qur’an courses for children and youths. During the summer of 2019, the courses at the 20 in total regional mufti’s offices in the country were with the record number of 636. According to the information from “Irshad” Department, they were attended by nearly 9000 children. Every year the Qur’an courses end with regional competitions in Basic Knowledge in Islam. The finalists from the regional competitions from all regional mufti’s offices in our country traditionally meet at the National Competition in Basic Knowledge in Islam, the last edition of which, the one in 2019, was held in Momchilgrad.


Author: L. Chausheva 



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