The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Aylin Sekizkök and the Consul General in the city of Burgas Senem Güzel paid an official visit to Regional Mufti’s Office – Aytos. The visit of the diplomats, accompanied by their delegations, took place on June 9 (Tuesday) this year. The purpose of the visit was the two parties to get acquainted with each other, since both – Sekizkök and Güzel are from relatively soon on their diplomatic missions in our country.

The official guests were welcomed by the host, the Regional Mufti Selyatin Muharem and his team. He informed them to the activities of Regional Mufti’s Office – Aytos, the ongoing projects implemented by the regional structure at the Muslim Denomination, as well as with the planned future ides and initiatives. On behalf of the mufti’s office in Aytos, Muharem expressed his deepest gratitude to the representatives of the Turkish diplomatic mission in Bulgaria for their assistance and support during the month of Ramadan, when through the Turkish Consulate in our country were distributed humanitarian packages and aid to needy people in different regions in the country.

During their visit to the town of Aytos the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Bulgaria Aylin Sekizkök and the Turkish Consul General in the city of Burgas Senem Güzel together with their delegations had the possibility to visit the central mosque in the town, where they were informed about its history.

At the end the two parties parted with mutual gratitude and best wishes for health and success in the official affairs. They expressed also their readiness for cooperation in different joint projects and initiatives.

Author: L. Chausheva

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