The Mayor of the Municipality of Kardzhali Dr. Eng. Hasan Azis made a personal donation of 1000 BGN to contribute to the campaign in support of the Islamic education, which is annually organized by Grand Mufti’s Office. The Mayor of Kardzhali joined with sadaqat - both with fitr and zakat.

The donation was accepted by the Regional Mufti of Kardzhali Beyhan Mehmed, who, on behalf of himself and on behalf of Grand Mufti’s Office thanked the Mayor for the shown empahty and wished him happiness, health and prosperity to his family.

“I am proud that Kardzhali is “a capital of tolerance”, and this is achieved through education. The first revelation from the Qur’an is “Read, in the Name of your Creator.” – said in his turn Dr. Eng. Hasan Azis.

At the end of the meeting the two leaders wished each other fruitful cooperation between the two institutions to continue also in the future.

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