The Night of Raghaib from the month of Rajab was celebrated on Thursday evening this week with festive religious programs and official events in a number of mosques in the country.

After the evening prayer in the town of Haskovo was organized a religious program on the occasion of the Regaip Kandili. The host of the event was the Regional Mufti`s Office – Haskovo, and the Grand Mufti of the Muslim Denomination in the Republic of Bulgaria – Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi was invited for the festive official program. 

The event began with a welcoming address on behalf of Mr. Basri Eminefendi – Regional Mufti of Haskovo. Then it continues with recitation of the Holy Qur’an and ended with reading of Mawlid-i-Sherif.        After the end of the official program Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi delivered a lecture to the Muslims who attended the event. He addressed the topic on the role of the youths in the religious life of the Muslims in Bulgaria and around the world. It was noted that youths are getting more interested in their religion and are part of the active religious life. It was added that among the attendees of the five-time prayers more youths are noticed. “Young people are getting back to their religion, they study and practice it. Now we can see in our mosques people of various age groups, and this was not so before. The temples are important to us, because they bring together people at one place and unite them in the Name of Allah (dhz.dhz.) which makes our hearts happy.” – Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi said.

“The entire program continued from maghrib to isha prayer. We performed together isha prayer and then parted in this Blessed Night. The Muslims in Haskovo spent this night in peace and filled their souls with joy. The Grand Mufti of the Republic of Bulgaria delighted us with his presence.” - said for Suray Mustafa – Director of Awqaf Department – Haskovo.


Author: Sali S.

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