The tradition was once again kept and in the Dzhumaya mosque in Plovdiv gathered representatives of different religions and public figures in order to mark the seventh anniversary from the attempt to desecrate the Muslim shrine. In 2014 some unscrupulous citizens tried to set fire to the century old mosque after the decision of the court to restore the status of Kurshunlu mosque in Karlovo as a functioning one.

Muslims respond appropriately to this attempt by gathering every year representatives off different religions and ethnicities at one table, manifesting in this way the tolerant attitude towards all people.

The event this year was attended by the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi, the SMC Chairman Vedat Ahmed, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Aylin Sekizkök, representatives of the local authorities, public figures and politicians.

Organizers of the event were Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv and the Muslim Board of Trustees in the city. The guests were treated coffee and baklava. They all united on the opinion for respect and understanding between all people regardless ethnic and religious differences.   

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