The Committee of Social Affairs held its first for this year meeting in the Media and Culture Center of the Muslim Denomination.

Traditionally during the first month of the calendar year are discussed issues related to the held at the end of the last year “Orphans’ Week” campaign.

Despite of the complex pandemic situation and a number of difficulties while holding the annual fundraising campaign for supporting disadvantaged children, the amount of 353 127.46 BGN has been received in Orphans’ Fund so far. This exceeds with nearly 20 000 BGN the funds raised during the campaign in 2019. This is a significant success for the activity and the empathy of the Muslim community and the people who are working in the institution of the Muslim Denomination in their local, regional or central levels.

Among the donations there are such from Bulgarian citizens, who are working abroad and empathetic donors from other countries.

An entire analysis and report on the raised funds will be available in the nearest future, because funds are still being received from Muslim boards of trustees and regional mufti’s offices.

During the meeting were discussed applications for providing support to orphans, received from the regional mufti’s offices and another 33 children were approved. According to the regulation of the project for support, the aid which every child receives continues until the age of 14. This provides the opportunity to support new children and currently there is a possibility to provide aid to more than 100 children in addition.

Those who would like to receive the aid can get in contact with the regional mufti’s offices for assistance.

The Committee on Social Affairs discussed some possibilities for helping orphans in addition to the usual monthly aids. Based on this it was decided to provide help to orphans who urgently need a repair of the house in which they are living. For this purpose, 1000.00 BGN were granted from Orphans’ Fund.

During the meeting were also discussed and approved received applications for ad hoc aid.

The Committee would like to thank all the people who took part in the campaign for the orphans and support the social campaigns of the Denomination.

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