“In Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse every year we receive an invitation on the occasion of the birthday of the Metropolitan Bishop of Ruse Naum. At the celebration participate representatives of the executive and the local authorities, of different NGOs, religious representatives and we as representatives of the Muslim community in the region of Ruse. This year we sent a greeting address on the occasion of the birthday of the Metropolitan Bishop. For us this is an expression of good inter-institutional relations, tolerance and understanding. I am very happy that we managed to find a common language in discussions related to common problems of the two communities.” – shared for Grandmufti.bg the Regional Mufti’s of Ruse Mr. Yudzhel Hyusnyu.

Muslims are extremely tolerant and approach with understanding towards the thinking otherwise. They show empathy to those who have a different view, especially in religious and cultural terms. For our community it is important to be in good relations with all religious communities and we always expect the same from them.

Author: Sali S.

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