The Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council visited Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna on October 16 (Friday) this year. During his visit he was accompanied by the Head of “Irshad” Department at Grand Mufti’s Office Dzhemal Hatip. During the sacred day of Friday together with the Regional Mufti of Varna Nuray Shukri they visited the Muslim boards of trustees and mosques in the town of Provadia and the town of Suvorovo.

The SMC Chairman lead the Jumu’ah prayer in the town of Suvorovo, after which, together with the Regional Mufti of Varna, held a working meeting with the local Muslim Board of Trustees, in connection with the upcoming Regular National Muslim Conference, wich will take place on November 28, 2020 in the city of Sofia.

During their visit to the region of Varna the representatives of the Muslim Denomination, led by Vedat Ahmed, visited the Community Center “Istikbal-1900”  - Provadia, which is the first registered cultural and educational association aiming to preserve and disseminate the traditions and the customs of the Turkish-Muslim community in Bulgaria. During the meeting with the secretary of the Community Center Nazik Kyamil were discussed possibilities for joint activities and projects, which will benefit for the entire society.


Author: Fahredin Mollamehmed

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