Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse held a working meeting with the imams and the chairmen of Muslim boards of trustees in the region on October 14, 2020 (Wednesday). There were discussed topics such as the upcoming National Conference of the Muslim Denomination, reports of the imams on their work, the statistics for the number of the Muslims in Ruse district, activities during the winter season (winter religious talks) and the Night of Mawlid.

The meeting began with recitation of verses from the Qur’an by the guest-imam Ahmed Yeşilyurt, after which the Regional Mufti of Ruse – Mr. Yudzhel Hyusnyu, welcomed everyone and presented the agenda. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Turudu Yıldırım – guest-imam, Mr. Ibazer Ibazerov – vaiz (preacher) at RMO – Ruse, and Mr. Nedzhmetin Nedzhmiev – Waqf expert.

In connection with the upcoming National Conference the secretary at RMO – Ruse Ragub Ragub distributed to the participants a set of documents related to nominating delegates for the upcoming conference. In connection with this also the Regional Mufti made some explanations on the election of delegates and the organization of the upcoming conference.

In connection with the reports of the imams the Regional Mufti gave the opportunity to each of the imams to present a brief report on the work done in the relevant settlements. All imams and chairmen delivered brief reports.

In terms of the census during its previous meeting Regional Mufti’s Office assigned the task to its subdivisions and to the imams to make statistics on the number, the ethnicity and the situation of the Muslims in the settlements. For this purpose, there is already a clearer picture of the situation of the Muslim community in the region.

In connection with the activities during the winter season, the Regional Mufti emphasized on the cleanliness and hygiene in the yards and inside the mosques, and focused on the importance of respecting the anti-epidemic measures. He also addressed the upcoming heating season and highlighted that the fire-fighting activities must be respected. The imams were informed for the upcoming winter religious talks in the relevant settlements, which have become a tradition in the region.

In terms of the Night of Mawlid, the imams proposed to the Regional Mufti the night to be marked in the mosque even with less people. The Regional Mufti remained very satisfied with the proposals and promised that he will visit all settlements, where it will be marked, if possible.

After all topics on the agenda were discussed the working meeting was closed with a dua (supplication) from the guest-imam Turudu Yıldırım for health, welfare and prosperity.  




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