At the invitation of Regional Mufti’s Office – Haskovo and the management of the summer Qur’an course in the village of Golemantsi, Haskovo region, on July 18 (Saturday), 2020 the experts from “Irshad” Department of Grand Mufti’s Office Bahri Izet, a national coordinator of the summer Qur’an courses, and Resim Shamatarev visited the summer Qur’an course in the village. The invitation was in connection with participation in the weekly evening religious lectures for the youths from the course. During their visit the guests from Sofia were accompanied by representatives of the team of the mufti’s office in Haskovo.

The expert from “Irshad” Department Bahri Izet delivered to the youth audience in Golemantsi a lecture on “Message to the Youth: The Religious Life of the Young Person in Bulgaria”.

Meanwhile, the team of “Irshad” Department visits the summer Qur’an courses at the different regional mufti’s offices in the entire country.

Author: L. Chausheva

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