The repair works of the building of the central mosque in the town of Balchik were officially started. The repair will include an entire remediation, renovation and refreshment the temple, and it is planned to be done with high-quality materials, to include new plaster and paint. The stone fance of the yard of the Muslim temple in Balchik will also be completely renovated, and there is also planned a wooden gazebo to be constructed for the congregation and the visitors of the mosque.

“The repair is done with the support of the Muslim Board of Trustees – Balchik as well as with the personal donations and assistance on behalf of many our compatriots, who are currently working in Western Europe.” – the local Muslim Board of Trustees commented on the started repair works of the mosque in Balchik.

The central mosque in the town of Balchik is one of the landmarks in the town and enjoys great tourist interest especially in the summer months of the year when the resort is visited by many Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

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