At the invitation of the Regional Mufti of Varna Nuray Shukri on Friday, July 3, this year representatives of Religious School “Nyuvvab” in the city of Shumen visited the regional mufti’s office in Varna. The visit of Dr. Osman Ibrahimov and Dzhelil Dzhelil – teachers in the religious school in Shumen, was in connection with the promotion of the campaign for recruiting candidate-students for the new school year 2020/2021 in RS “Nyuvvab”.

“During Jumu'ah prayer Dr. Ibrahimov delivered the festive Friday khutbah (sermon), and the Friday prayer was led by Dzhelil Dzhelil. The guests from Shumen informed the local Muslim community about the opportunities for education in Religious School “Nyuvvab”, about the admission conditions, as well as about all other living convenience which go along with the education in the religious school. In connection with them were also mention the possibilities for free of charge boarding, meals for the students, as well as participation in various additional courses and trainings, the expenditures for which are covered by Grand Mufti’s Office” – said for the secretary of Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna Fahredin Mollamehmed.

After its visit to Varna the delegation from the religious school in Shumen, accompanied by the host Nuray Shukri, visited also several other settlements in the region of Varna in order to promote the campaign for recruiting candidate-students for the new school year in RS “Nyuvvab”.

Author: L. Chausheva

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