Days are going by, months are changing and we are again in the most blessed month.

The month of mercy, forgiveness and winning the satisfaction of the Almighty Allah. At the beginning of the month of Ramadan we should thank the Creator of the Worlds for that we are one of those people who again eagerly waited this great month. Then we must try to do as many as possible good and righteous deeds because the reward is much greater in comparison with the rest of the time.
In connection with this this Ramadan in Sofia is a little bit different than the previous years. The difference lies in the fact that during this Ramadan with the help and the will of the Exalted Allah iftars are organized and tarawih prayer is performed every evening on five different places in the capital. Every evening more than one thousand people, men, women, children, poor and rich, Muslims and non-Muslims, people different in ethnicity, diplomats and ordinary citizens, participate alongside in the traditional iftar in the central mosque of Sofia “Banya Bashi” as well as in the masjids in the quarters of “Lyulin”, “Botunets”, “Orlandovtsi”, and “Svetovrachene”. A picture that cannot be seen in other time except in Ramadan. Of course, in order to fulfill this hizmet (service) extremely great efforts are made by the imams, the Muslim boards of trustees, the vaiz (preacher) and volunteers, for which the Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia expresses most sincere gratitude and may the Almighty accept from them these efforts and multiply their reward both in this world and in the Hereafter. Furthermore the Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia expresses its appreciation and great gratitude to the team of the Grand Mufti’s Office and especially to the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi for the moral and financial support for fulfilling this hizmet.
May the Almighty make us among those who constantly perform ibadah (worshipping) only for Him, may He accept our good deeds and guide us to the performance of more righteous deeds, may this month be mercy, forgiveness and salvation from the Fire for all the believers.

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