The Regional Mufti’s Office – Blagoevgrad started the summer Qur’an courses for year 2014. On this occasion the imams from the Regional Mufti’s Office and the students from the Qur’an courses organized a football tournament in which to try their sporting potential.

The tournament provided an occasion for many nice moments for the young Muslims who had come from different settlements. On one hand the sport competition had a socializing character and on other hand it was a real entertainment for the children.
The young participants were very pleased from the experienced and left with promises for a new meeting in the end of the season. For that time at the end of the season of the Qur’an courses is planned another competition where the youths will have the possibility to compete with their knowledge gained during the course “Basic knowledge about our beloved religion”.
The team of the Regional Mufti’s Office – Blagoevgrad wishes to all of the participants in the summer Qur’an courses blessed deeds and may Allah make everything easy for them – both in this world and in the Hereafter.

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