Charity fundraising campaign for the construction of a minaret at the mosque in the village of Dolina has begun. The village is located in the Municipality of Kaolinovo, Shumen District, 70 % of its residents are Muslims and the mosque is of a great importance in their life. It was built in 2013 and began functioning in 2014. The present minaret is made of iron and is quite old. As the mosque is new, the imam suggests that it should also has a new, beautiful minaret at it.

For this reason, a charity fundraising campaign has been launched. The imam of the mosque calls upon everyone who wants to held to get in contact with Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen. “Those who donate for mosques and serve them, they always receive their reward from Allah (J.J.)” – the imam of the mosque shared for

Author: Sali S. 

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