The activities, relate to the second stage of the repair of the masjid in the village of Elenka in the Rhodopes were completed. There were installed entirely new roof construction, solid fitting, waterproofing paper, high-quality tiles, seamless gutters and PVC windows.

We would like to recall that the masjid was uninhabited for 20 years due to a number of unfavorable circumstances, and the repair which consists of four stages, is initiated by the local people with the support of the mufti’s representation – Zlatograd.

The Mufti’s representative – Mr. Bayram Ushev personally thanked the people, who voluntarily participated in the repair works. “First of all we express our gratitude to the Almighty Allah for what have been done so far, then we would like to thank all of you who helped to renovate and repair the roof of the masjid.


The repair works will continue in the spring.

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