A small library will be established in a room, provided by the “Sesemes” mosque in Asparuhovo quarter, said for Grandmufti.bg Sali Svetoslavov, the initiator of the campaign.

The first stage of the establishment of the library was completed with the placement of several library shelves and launching the campaign to collect literature. The idea arose during this summer, when the local imam organized Qur’an courses for children they expressed their wish to read books and said that they will be happy if they could read in the mosque.

“The aim is to establish a small library with book for children, textbooks, teaching materials and other books, in order to make it a place where children can read and spend their time. The most important thing for our society is to have reading children who after some time to become thinking and good citizens of Bulgaria. I hope that in 2021 we will collect 1000 editions on the abovementioned thematic and afterwards to register the library as such. I thank the youths who are helping for the implementation of the idea, and the donors who donated money for the shelves and books” – Sali Svetoslavov reported for Grandmufti.bg

The initiators also call for donations of literature of the following kind:

1. The Holy Qur’an in Turkish, Bulgarian, Arabic and English.

2. Encyclopedias and scientific literature.

3. Books for children.

4. Textbooks and teaching materials.

Those who want to send books can write on the official Facebook page of the mosque in Asparuhovo quarter - https://www.facebook.com/sesemezincamisi

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