The construction and repair works of the mosque in the village of Mokresh, Municipality of Veliki Preslav, have begun.

We would like to recall that after a storm on February 24 this year the minaret fell on the roof of the mosque, which caused great material damages and practically the mosque was not able to be used.

After the efforts of Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen and the financial support of the Muslim Denomination, the repair of the minaret and the roof of the mosque has begun this week. During the construction works the guttering, the roof, the minaret and some parts of the interior will be changed.

“We will launch a donation campaign, because there is a need of it. We ask everyone who wish to join it to hurry with their support. We do need support, whether it be material or financial.” – shared for the Mufti’s representative in Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen Arif Mehmed.

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