Grand Mufti’s Office strongly condemns the act of terrorism committed in Brussels

On behalf of all Bulgarian Muslims Grand Mufti’s Office of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria offers most sincere condolences on the occasion of the atrocious terrorist act committed in the Belgian capital Brussels on 22nd of March this year. The Denomination expresses its solidarity and compassion to the entire Belgian people and the bereaved families, as well as its wishes for strong patience to the families of those who were killed.

Grand Mufti’s Office strongly condemns terrorist acts causing incurable wounds of the human civilization, acutely compromising the world balance and the striving to peaceful co-existence. Unacceptable and deeply reproachful are the acts of violence towards humanity, regardless of the religious, ethnic and geographical differences. The infringement of the rights of innocent people turning them into helpless targets of death is inconceivable.

The unprecedented violation of the supreme virtues of Islam and its disparaging to a mean for achieving mercantile interests strongly distresses us. The Islamic religion does not preach violence in any form and it condemns the destruction of human life no matter what is the reason for such an act.

The deeply desecrating the Islamic religion acts of self-proclaimed pseudo-defenders of religion which we are witnessing cannot be identified with the commandments of our Holy religion because they are fundamentally different. These xenophobic acts of violence, caused by infantile lust for power, lined with deep lack of knowledge of the high moral Islamic values and obvious ignorance are a serious threat to the world peace.

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