On July 10 (Friday) this year Amir Feleti, Head of the Department on Education at Grand Mufti’s Office, received in the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) the official document with which the new textbooks for studying the subject “Religion – Islam” were finally approved.

“We received officially the letter from the Ministry of Education in our country certifying that the drafts of the textbooks for the subject “Religion – Islam” from 1st to 5th grade, including, are finally approved and will be used in the state and municipals schools from the beginning of 2020/2021 school year” – the Head of the Department on Education at Grand Mufti’s Office Amir Feleti commented for Grandmufti.bg.

Currently the commission for preparation and drafting the projects for textbooks with members Amir Feleti, Nazmie Kulova, Dr. Osman Ibrahimov, Dr. Selime Hasanova, Muhammed Kamber, Beyhan Mehmed, Alper Ahmed and Gyulgyun Gaygadzhova is working on the draft of the textbook for “Religion – Islam” for 7th grade. On the same occasion in July 7 and 8 this year in Sofia was held a working meeting between the participants of the committee. Head of the project is the Deputy Grand Mufti Ahmed Hasanov who is in charge in the field of “Education”, and editor-in-chief was Murad Boshnak. The entire project is implemented under the auspices of Grand mufti’s Office of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria and under the direct supervision of the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi.

Author: L. Chausheva

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