Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, dear compatriots!

Happy days pass quickly, although one wants that they would never end. So imperceptibly passed one month, filled with happiness, but also with sadness. Ramadan was filled of joy but it was mostly in the recent days because during most of the month the mosques were empty due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, even for a short time, we were able to taste the elixir of Ramadan for which Muhammad (pbuh) said: “If people knew what is the blessing of the month of Ramadan, they would wish that Ramadan would continue all year.” Yes, we want Ramadan to be an entire year, but here we are parting with it. This Eid will also be different, because the festive prayer will be performed outdoors.

Now it is important to send Ramadan properly, so that it could be our intercessor on the day when neither sons, nor wealth will help, beside those who meet Allah with pure hearts.

Eid al-Fitr is a day when everyone presents their deeds to Allah, and not to people. That is why no one asks the other how did he spent Ramadan, how many and what kind of good deeds he had done, etc. Allah asks these questions and for these deeds everyone is accountable only to Him. On the day of Eid is important the mutual respect, and the smile on the faces is the label of the Muslim on this day.

Let us be empathy on this day with the problems of the suffering ones and try to help them. Human attitude knows no difference on religious or racial principles. That is why let us try to help and make everyone happy with whatever we can.

On the day of Eid we must not forget our parents, who are the reason for our coming into this world. Therefore, we have to honor them before everyone else. They may be weak and unable to take care about themselves, but they always keep the love to their children in their hearts.

Taking into consideration the pandemic conditions, I do appeal all believers to observe the required social distance during the festive Eid prayer and to avoid kissing hands and hugging each other.

May Allah accept the acts of worship of everyone, protect from the infection all people, and guide and guard us!

Happy Eid al-Fitr!

Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi,

Grand Mufti of the Republic of Bulgaria

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